Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent

During this extraordinary time, days seem to contain more pauses for thought than before. At Gusbourne we've been spending time thinking how we can support our partners across British business, especially those in hospitality, restaurants and hotels.

The result is an initiative we're calling Time Well Spent. We're joining forces with selected partners with whom we already share certain values – creativity, independent thinking and true craftsmanship – as part of an exchange of knowledge and insights that will benefit us all. Including our customers, of course.

Over the coming months, we'll be hosting thought-provoking sessions from our master sommelier (what's the perfect pairing of takeaway food and wine?) and inspiring recipes from the kitchens of partners such as The Langham London. Plus insider knowledge on how at Gusbourne we take time to perfect our wines, so you can enjoy them always at their best.

Join us in making Time Well Spent an enriching experience during these unexpected days.

Gusbourne Estate,
Kenardington Road,
Ashford, TN26 2BE

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