Sparkling wines can be just as perfect a pairing with your meal as still wines, and with our range of sparkling and still options available on the website, there is more choice than ever before. From fish and chips to fried chicken, we have you covered with pairing options for all of your favourites.

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Fish & Chips  x  Blanc de Blancs 

The ultimate pairing! We would suggest this perfect match of Blanc de Blancs with a classic Cod and Chips. 

The fresh acidity and bright citrus and mineral notes of Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2015 complement the delicate fish whilst cutting through the fattiness of batter and chips.

Korean Fried Chicken x Brut Reserve 

Fried chicken works wonderfully with Brut Reserve. The riper fruit and rounder style match really well with the succulent chicken and spicy batter, with the freshness again helping to cut through any fattiness to enliven the palate for the next bite!

Pizza  x  Pinot Noir

Gusbourne Pinot Noir works well with Pizza. The soft, juicy fruits match beautifully with the tomato base whilst toppings like pepperoni, ham or mushrooms highlight the more meaty, earthy and smoky notes in the wine. 

Sushi  x  Rosé

Sparkling Rosé with salmon sashimi is one of Master Sommelier and Gusbourne Brand Ambassador Laura Rhys' favourite pairings! It also works really well with other sashimi, especially tuna. In fact, Japanese food is a really great match for sparkling wine altogether. Laura says, "I also love the Rosé or Brut Reserve with sushi, Brut Reserve with Gyoza (especially fried) and Blanc de Blancs with Tempura vegetables (or prawns!) or sashimi with white fish."

Dim Sum  x  Chardonnay Guinevere

Chardonnay Guinevere is a really lovely match with Chinese steamed dumplings, with fillings like chicken, pork, prawn or veggie. The wine's beautiful citrus and tropical fruit character, with moderate alcohol and a hint of creamy oak, match so well with the richer fillings without overpowering the delicate dumplings.

Peking Duck  x  Pinor Noir

Pinot Noir is always such a lovely match with duck and this is no exception. Crispy duck and pancakes, with refreshing cucumber and a hint of hoisin sauce highlight all the soft, elegant red fruits, whilst the silky tannin and elegant freshness really balances the richness of the crispy duck.

…Also, grab a side of Prawn Toasts with sparkling Rosé – delicious!

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