Intense wild strawberries, plump raspberries, shining redcurrants, deep-hued cherries – these are the fruits of glorious summer days. So, it’s little surprise that we consider sparkling rosé, with its berry-laden flavour profile, to be a wine reserved for the warmer months.

“Undoubtedly, our sparkling Rosé’s palate is dominated by summer fruits,” says Laura Rhys MS. “It’s far more reminiscent of strawberries, raspberries and cherries than it is, say, plums or orchard fruits.

“But, when rosé starts to age, it has this beautiful savoury character that comes through from the Pinot. It also starts to develop flavours of warming spices – typically, ginger or nutmeg – and orange oil, plus a sense of weight and complexity.”

The layers of flavour that come with maturity are often overlooked in rosé – after all, still rosé is made to be enjoyed in its first flush of youth, delivering immediate, fruit-driven pleasure. But sparkling rosé ages far more gracefully, developing wonderful layers of flavour.

This is especially true when the wine in question comes from a top vintage, such as the watershed 2018, which is drinking exceptionally well right now. “You might be surprised at just how versatile a food wine sparkling rosé is,” says Laura, who serves Gusbourne Rosé as her go-to aperitif wine with nibbles such as cheese straws or smoked salmon.

“Many of winter’s most interesting seasonal ingredients really shine when paired with a mature rosé. Think about dishes where there’s a meeting point of sweetness and savoury, such as smoked duck; roasted beetroot with goat’s cheese; glazed ham; caramelised chicory. It’s also good with dishes that have a little spice.

“One of my all-time favourite matches for vintage sparkling rosé is oven roasted pork belly with caramelised Pink Lady apples. Utterly delicious. Once you start thinking about its wonderful flavour profile, you’ll be surprised how many incredible food matches there are.”

So, if you’re planning a feast from February’s larder – from shocking-pink rhubarb to robust, earthy beets – our sparkling Rosé might just be the perfect partner.

Our 2018 Rosé and 2017 Rosé magnum are both available now.