About our Founder membership  


What is Founder membership? 

Founder membership is a special invitation-only membership which launches on 1st January 2023. It replaces our Reserved membership, which will close in its current form on 31st December 2022. Our Founder membership exists to thank our existing Reserved membership for their loyalty and support, ensuring that they can still access their benefits, including generous savings on Gusbourne wines, exclusive events and offers.  

Who is eligible for Founder membership? 

To be eligible for Founder membership, you must be an active  Reserved member on 31st December 2022. You will automatically become a Founder member on 1st January 2023. If you are not an active Reserved member on 31st December 2022, it will not be possible to purchase Founder membership at a future date. 

What will happen to the benefits of my Reserved membership? 

As a Founder member, you can enjoy all the benefits of your Reserved membership, from the most generous savings on Gusbourne wines to exclusive events and offers.  

What is the cost of Founder membership? 

As with Reserved  membership, the price is currently £500 for 12 months. 

Can my friend become a Founder member? 

Yes, if they join Gusbourne Reserved between now and 31st December 2022. It is not possible to purchase Founder membership unless you are a Reserved member on 31st December 2022. We will  be launching a range of different memberships in 2023 which are available to everyone.