At Gusbourne, craft is in our nature – which is why we relish discovering brands which have brilliant craftsmanship at their heart.

Pott is a small-scale British candle company, which sells its beautifully fragranced candles alongside refillable holders. Each candle ‘Pott’ is thrown by an artisan potter working in the UK.

“Every time I finished a candle, I had this sense of guilt and always wondered why they can’t be reused or refilled,” says founder Ailis. “I decided I was going to do something about it and create a candle where you only need one Pott for the rest of your life.

This sustainable, handcrafted philosophy struck a chord, and so we’ve collaborated with Pott to create our English Rosé and Pott Candle Golden Hour Gift Set, which brings together our two brands.

The elegant set combines a Pott Blush candle holder, filled with an Orangery candle, and a bottle of our still English Rosé 2022. Laura Rhys, Master Sommelier and Gusbourne’s Brand Ambassador, finds natural synergy between the delicate fragrances in the Orangery candle and those found in our new still rosé.

The top notes of orange and blossom really align with the citrus and white peach notes in the English Rosé 2022,” Laura says. “But I also really like the herbal notes that come through too and a slight spiciness on the finish.

The scent feels both soothing and uplifting at the same time – perhaps a bit like a glass of rosé? It feels like the perfect candle to light on a summer’s evening, as the sun is setting, with a glass of rosé.” 

Ailis agrees that this is the perfect summertime combination. “Close your eyes and let the heady scent of orange, basil and rosemary engulf your senses,” she says. “Paired with Gusbourne English Rosé 2022, this is the perfect way to relax and unwind on a warm summer’s evening.


The Pott Candle & English Rosé Golden Hour Gift Set, which contains one bottle of English Rosé 2022, one Blush Candle holder and one Orangery scent candle and is available to purchase here. To purchase additional refills for your candle, visit the Pott site here. And, of course, you can stock up with more delectable English Rosé 2022 by the bottle or case here