Our hope is that Gusbourne members get to enjoy insights into our wines and the vintage-only philosophy that shapes our winemaking. There’s no better way to understand the impact of a year’s growing season, and how this influences a wine as it matures, than to taste successive vintages side by side. Our Pinot Noir vertical case is a chance to do just this.

Conditions need to be “just right” to craft still Pinot Noir. In some vintages, we find that our Pinot’s ripeness, sugar and acidity levels make it better suited to sparkling wine than still. This is what makes Gusbourne’s still Pinot Noir such a rare treat.

Ahead of releasing our special Pinot Noir vertical case, we asked Laura Rhys, Master Sommelier, to re-taste each of these wines and refresh our tasting notes according to how the wines are developing. You can read more below.

Gusbourne Pinot Noir 2020 

A delicate, pale ruby colour in the glass, this wine shows aromas of morello cherry, wild strawberry and red floral notes on the nose. Elegant and bright on the palate, with soft, supple tannins. Plump red fruits, dark plum and black cherry character sit alongside black pepper spice, liquorice, smoky notes and an earthy minerality to give a wine with complexity, finesse and a persistent finish.  

Gusbourne Pinot Noir 2019 

Soft, delicate red fruits on the nose, with red cherry and cranberry alongside more earthy, dried herb aromas. Focused and refined on the palate, this single vineyard wine shows lots of pure, bright fruits with wild strawberry, plum and redcurrant notes. The tannins are supple and help to create the soft, structured mouthfeel. Spicy undertones of clove and pepper combine with a smoky minerality, leading to a long and elegant finish.  

Gusbourne Pinot Noir 2018 

Soft, yet rich, this wine shows all the classic Pinot Noir aromas of ripe strawberry, morello cherry and earthy spiciness. Elegantly balanced on the palate, raspberry, red plum and cranberry combine with real finesse. With extended cellar ageing, the wine is evolving, with bright fruit notes sitting alongside more complex smoky notes too with leather, black pepper and hints of earthy minerality. The wine finishes with crunchy, fresh black fruits and soft, supple tannins.  

Due to the scarcity of these wines, we are only able to offer a small number of vertical tasting cases. You can secure yours here.