If there’s a wine you buy with your eyes, it’s rosé. Its colour is an instinctive clue to its flavour. Too deep a pink? Saccharine. Too orange? Past its best. Too pale? Uninteresting.

It has to be that Pantone-perfect, just-right shade. A hue which immediately evokes a dry, crisp, refreshing wine to be enjoyed over long summer lunches, picnics, barbecues, and heady, spontaneous gatherings.

Our latest release is Gusbourne’s answer to all those made-for-rosé moments.

To show it off in all its blushing glory, we’ve stepped away from our usual ink black Gusbourne glass bottle. Instead, you’ll find the debut vintage in crystal clear, elegant bottles, sealed with a clear glass stopper.

As for the wine itself? It’s everything you’d expect from Gusbourne. Crafted by Chief Winemaker Charlie and his team, our English Rosé is made in our Kent winery using high quality, estate-grown fruit from the celebrated growing season of 2022.  

At harvest, the fruit was ripe and in superb condition – perfect grapes for rosé. “The only way to make good rosé is to use top quality fruit which is destined specifically for the wine,” says Charlie. “It was such a great summer. You can taste all that heat and warmth in our English Rosé. It’s bottled sunshine.

“And it feels just right for summer enjoyment too,” Charlie says. “Stylistically, it’s perfectly suited to that kind of relaxed, easy enjoyment. You don’t need to overthink it.

“For me, it’s about that moment when you’ve got the sun on your face and a chilled glass in your hand. You’re on the deck having a barbecue: the wine looks great; it’s just right with the food. It’s easy to understand and enjoy – fruit driven but smooth and stylish.

“When I’ve served it to friends, they just get it. It doesn’t need fine-wine language or explanation or education – you can be comfortable with it from the first taste.”

Laura Rhys, Master Sommelier and our Global Ambassador, appraised our English Rosé 2022 just after we bottled it in January 2023. “In the glass, it’s pale pink in colour with enticing aromas of summer berries and orange zest,” she says.

“Then, on the palate, the wine is crisp, fresh and fruit driven, with juicy strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant notes, followed by delicate hints of blossom and ginger on the finish.”

Gusbourne English Rosé 2022 is gloriously accommodating when it comes to food pairing. You’ll find its flavour profile works well with everything from sushi and salad to gently spiced dishes and even barbecue.

Of course, you don’t have to serve it alongside food. This is a wine that’s made for pure pleasure – whether you enjoy it on its own, or at the centre of leisurely, sun-kissed lunch in the garden.


We are celebrating this wine's official launch at our summer Rosé bar this April. You can reserve your complimentary tickets here.