Opening an agrafe bottle is easy - once you know how. Here, we explain how to get into your chilled bottle of Gusbourne Agrafe Extra Brut in a few simple steps.


First, chill your wine.
Before you get started, make sure you've chilled your wine. This helps reduce the pressure in the bottle. The only kit you'll need to open your agrafe is a blunt-edged butter knife. 


Stay in control
With one hand, grasp the neck of the bottle, positioning your thumb over the top of the cork. Then slide the blade of your knife between the bottle neck and staple. 

agrafe butterknife
Ease out the agrafe
Gently rock the blade to ease the staple open.

agrafe staple

Keep the pressure on
Remove the staple and then recover the top of the cork with your hand. Keeping pressure on the cork, gently twist the bottle until the wine is open. Pour, and enjoy!

agrafe twist

To find out more about how - and why - we crafted this ground-breaking bottling, read our interview with winemaker AJ Benham here