A wine’s ability to be the perfect counterpoint to a dish isn’t necessarily dependent on the complexity of the food on offer. Some of the most sensational pairings are also the most simple.

In fact, one of the glorious things about a bottle of Gusbourne is the ability to dress it up or down. It’s as at home on the white tablecloths of a Michelin-star restaurant as it is with fish and chips on the beach. Sometimes, the contrast of an unusual setting or unconventional food match helps you experience the characteristics of the wine even more intensely.

Across the summer, we’re embracing relaxed food pairings at the estate. Laid-back weekends might just be at their best when enjoyed under a broad Kent sky, amongst the wildflowers and vines with good wine and delicious pizza or barbecue. Whether you’re planning a visit to Appledore, or simply want to take inspiration for your own al fresco feasting, here’s our roundup of some of the most mouth-watering fine dining and fast-food combinations.

Barbecue x Brut Reserve

Who’s cooking: The Saffa Bru

When: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June 2023
On the menu: South African inspired barbecue street food, flame-grilled to order from the team’s bespoke grill. Think protein-based heaven – borewors, meat platters and steak.

Our pick: The Rare Ribeye with Fries is hard to resist:  the flavour-packed steak is seared on the outside, and a perfect pink in the middle. It’s served alongside the Saffa’s trademark peppercorn sauce with punchy kimchi, crunchy salad, mango salsa and fries. This payload of flavours needs a robust wine partner. We love our Brut Reserve. Its fresh acidity cuts through the fattiness of steak and fries and is well pitched with the zesty bright flavours of salsa.
Find out more: Tickets for Gusbourne x The Saffa Bru cost £25 per person and include a welcome glass of our Brut Reserve plus a main of your choice.


Pizza x Blanc de Blancs

Who’s cooking: Barney and the Pizza

When: 27th to 29th May; 26th to 28th August (Bank Holiday weekends)

On the menu: When it comes to cooking up proper pizza, there’s no substitute for a wood-fired oven and hand-stretched sourdough. This is exactly what Barney does best. Even at its most simple, the combination of Barney’s crisp-yet-yielding pizza base, unctuous mozzarella and umami-rich tomato sauce combines to be far more than a sum of its parts.  

Our pick All the choices are failsafe, but we love the Artichoke Hearts with Kentish Lemon Oil. The light, fresh, delicate flavours work beautifully with our Blanc de Blancs: its fresh acidity, citrus notes and minerality are amplified by the pizza’s flavours.

Find out more: Tickets for Gusbourne x Barney and the Pizza cost £25 per person and include a welcome glass of Brut Reserve plus a pizza of your choice.