Harvest is one of the most exciting times to visit Gusbourne. The journey from grapes on the vine to wine in your glass begins here. Our vineyard and winery teams busily work together to pick and press the grapes from all 90 hectares of our vineyards in the short space of two to three weeks when it is the optimum time to do so. No small feat! 

To experience this most important time of the year at Gusbourne, book one of our VineyardDiscovery or Estate Tours between 23rd September and 3rd October, when harvest will likely be in full swing. 

During your tour, you will be able to taste our fully ripened grapes straight from the vine before the bunches are picked and sent to the winery for pressing. Our pickers may be in action where you can observe them working their way down the rows of vines, picking each and every bunch of grapes by hand. 

Then, as you head back to The Nest for your tasting, you may see the grapes coming into the winery fresh from the vineyards and even taste some of the juice straight from the press. This is the juice that will become Gusbourne’s 2021 vintage.

Take in all the action at Gusbourne by booking your tour today. We look forward to welcoming you for these extra-special tours later this year. 



Additional Information: 

Please note, harvest takes place in accordance with the weather and the vineyard manager’s skilled assessment of the optimum time to pick the grapes. We cannot guarantee you will be able to experience all of these harvest activities during your visit due to the variability of nature and its effect on processes in the vineyard and winery. 

To view a full list of the safety protocols we have in place at Gusbourne, please click here


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