In a recent re-enactment of the legendary ‘Judgment of Paris’, Gusbourne emerged triumphant when blind tasted against Champagne by a group of the world’s most distinguished wine critics.

Further enhancing our reputation as one of England’s most respected wine producers, Gusbourne Rosé 2011 was selected to compete in the Rosé category.

Our wine was met with overwhelming acclaim and a clear majority. Nine out of the fourteen critics preferring Gusbourne over the leading French Rosé it was placed against.

Results such as these are further evidence that our English Sparkling Wines are not simply held in high esteem by the most discerning critics, but in many instances are preferred to their renowned French counterparts.

With an increasing number of consumers selecting Gusbourne, our reputation for excellence continues to grow.

The full story from Matthew Jukes can be read here.

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