Pinot Noir is a hard grape to master. Although the varietal thrives in a number of soil types, it is infamously fussy, demanding expert timing, care and attention. It produces thin skinned, closely bunched berries that leave it susceptible to rot and disease. It ripens very quickly in the heat and will possibly never ripen when it is too cold.

A perfectly balanced climate, paired with patience, precision, and meticulous attention to detail is required to guide the controversial varietal to reach true potential.

At Gusbourne we are well located to satisfy Pinot Noir’s delicate needs. Our varied soils and mild yet sunny south facing vineyards allow the grape to ripen very slowly. There are no shortcuts; picking at the perfect time demands patience alone and only the very best of the bunches are harvested by hand for gentle pressing.

Once in the winery, the grape cannot be forced as the characteristically delicate flavours are easily lost if the grapes are not handled and pressed with care. We believe that Pinot Noir should always be allowed to follow its own true course.

The harnessing of the Pinot Noir grape perfectly embodies our unrelenting pursuit of perfection. Mastering the delicate process needed to exploit the subtle nature of the fragile grape is no easy task but the end results can be exceptionally rewarding.

The distinctive yet subtle flavour of Pinot Noir has amassed a large following; so much so that the grape demands its own category. The ‘Pinot Noir Masters’, the annual award recognising excellence from around the world, provides some of the most exciting and varied results of all wine awards. The best Pinot Noir wines are sampled by some of the world’s best critics, all united by a shared passion for the grape.

True to form, the uncompromising grape divides opinion, with only the very best able to command unanimous recognition. Gusbourne Rosé 2013 ranked among these elite wines in 2017, earning a Silver Medal and helping to further establish our little corner of England as a bastion of Pinot Noir excellence.