This past month saw the release of an update to our visual identity. More than a packaging update, the identity marks a new chapter in the Gusbourne story. Since 2004, when the first vines were planted, we have honed and refined our craft as part of our uncompromising approach to creating the finest sparkling wine. 
Our commitment to quality and attention to detail in managing our vineyards and winemaking are embodied in the new visual language.

The new identity tells the story of our past whilst sending out a clear message about our intentions for the future. The refined 'goosemark' takes pride of place, an integral part of our history traced back to the origins of Gusbourne Estate in the 15th Century. A modern interpretation of a centuries old symbol, we trust that it will continue to stand the test of time as a hallmark of quality in our relentless pursuit for perfection.
If you haven’t yet received details of our newly-liveried range and pricing please just contact us by calling 01233 758666 or please send an email to